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Our Mission

Birth-related decision-making has become harder to navigate than ever. Today’s culture has led to an overwhelming and unnerving idea of birth. We are surrounded by frightening recollections of birth from friends and family, negative images of birth in the media, and an abundance of confusing, conflicting information available at the tap of a search button.

With rising rates of induction across the UK and an increase in interventions during birth, teamed with lower rates of spontaneous vaginal birth (particularly for first-time mothers), there has never been a more important moment to take control of your own experience. 

Despite a great body of evidence pointing towards improved outcomes with individualised care, birthing people are often advised to navigate the maternity system led by a standardised one-size-fits-all approach throughout their journey. Every birth is unique and every journey is as individual as you are, and so only you know what choices feel right for you and your baby.

Our mission is to make up-to-date, complete and credible information clear and accessible to all; to normalise evidence-based, informed decision-making throughout pregnancy and during birth; and provide the tools to empower your wellbeing and your mindset to optimise your experience and inspire your birth revolution… and beyond.

Let’s change the narrative for the birthing people of the future - Join the birth revolution and write your own story.